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Friday, 14 March 2014

Flying Can Be Bad For Your Health

Science Explains Why That Is!

Good News:You Can Protect Yourself

My daughter works for an airline, and I noticed that she seemed really tired and totally exhausted after a tour. It seems to me that this could be related to EMF (commonly called dirty electricity) 

I looked further at what is happening in an aircraft and associated airports and decided that I should share this information and also offer advice on how to protect themselves if someone felt they had been affected.

This post will cover three issues

1     What is EMF (Dirty electricity)

2     How does it affect us

3     What is the solution 

     What is EMF(Dirty Electricity)

Many people do not seem to be aware that with modern technology, their is a negative aspect which is EMF.

If this article indicates that you might be affected, I hope you will find the information a great help and immediately start to protect yourself.

EMF  is Electromagnetic field radiation. The electrical equipment all around us, produces a voltage that enters our body.This electric pressure upsets the balance of atoms in our body by dislodging electrons this makes the atom what is called a Free Radical and thats where the problem starts.

This video explains nicely whats happening

APPLE Users Need to CLICK this link for VIDEO

How Does EMF Affect Us?

Free Radicals are created when atoms become unbalanced, these atoms then attempt to restore there balance by taking electrons from other atoms, this can cause a chain reaction which causes chaos to our health, science is now certain that disease, ageing and illness are a direct result of free radical action in the body, By simply connecting to earth energies, you restore the balance of the atom and eliminate the free radical thereby preventing the disease or illness.

For example here are the facts about aircraft flight EMF,it is quite a shock, however, thank goodness that there is a solution to protect ourselves!

Aircraft EMF

Few frequent fliers realize the amount of radiation they’re exposed to with every trip. In fact, a 3.5-hour flight at altitudes of 30,000 feet or higher can expose you to a greater level of radiation than a chest x-ray

What Is The Solution

I fly quite often and when I'm on a plane, I  take one shoe off and put my foot (still with my sock on) on the metal foot rest underneath the seat in front of me. As the metal frame of the plane is the way all components on board are #grounded, this is a simple method how somone flying can also ground themselves

Their are different solutions for people on the ground but in the air I think this a simple brilliant solution Just CLICK HERE

Earthing is the key to protecting yourself, it is not complicated and can benefit you greatly.

Is Running Part Of Your Fitness Regime?

To keep yourself fit to fly, I should think that running is part of your training program. I would suggest looking at the following link, because Barefoot Running enables fitness and earthing which I am sure you now realise is very important for Frequent Flyer Fitness

I think it no coincidence that certain great ancient philosophies such as Taichi, Chi kung and Yoga, have since ancient times recognised the importance of direct contact with the earth for increasing well being and the performance of the human body.

It was with great delight that I found out that Western Science now recognises the importance of earthing/grounding

As you have now seen, there is very clear physical and scientific evidence why we feel good after earthing. 

Truly an amazing video here, that explains how energy affects not only humans but shows the effect on plants

The Following Book Explains everything you need to know about Earthing

Great Video showing effect of EMF on US

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DISCLAIMER: My advice is my opinion, you should research as much as you can, and if you have any doubts contact a medical professional