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Thursday, 10 April 2014

            Barefoot Running BIO from Brucy

Ok P..As requested...Here’s my Barefoot Running  BIO, including  Barefoot Running In Snow Tutorial

For many years I have been running and for the last 8 years I have been Barefoot Running. I go Barefoot Running almost daily, averaging between 45 mins  and 1hr 15.
For many years the disciplines I have practised required outdoor barefoot connection,  so I have been fortunate to benefit from these philosophies

Using the connection with the earth, I have been able to go barefoot  running  in all weathers   I have tested my body in extreme conditions.  For example I am able to consistently run in sub zero temperatures  ( I have run barefoot in minus  -12 c for over an hour)  And as I am almost 64 and a pensioner, this does show that these are indeed powerful, beneficial techniques.

My friends and family have known what I have done, and say  they  feel that they have benefited from trying some of the techniques, that I have shared with them.  I was asked to video a Barefoot Running in the snow tutorial, which I did, and for which you can see here............. 

It has been a shame, to see the benefits of these great techniques that have been practised in other cultures for 1000’s of years not being used for peoples benefit.  However, now Western Science has tested and proven the benefits, it is easier to spread the message.
Advanced sports scientists are now very sure of the benefits of Grounding and for example the sports scientists on the Tour de France, consider Grounding  a vital part in the recovery and training of the participants.

For you Marathon runners out there the Tour de France is far and away the toughest sporting event on earth, comparable to running 3 marathons a day for 22 days, so if they benefit, I am sure that you can. Have a look at this video...........

I have been able to help friends and family benefit with their running, health and fitness, they were very pleased and asked me to share it with their friends, so based on that I thought I would share the information with a wider audience, hoping that more people can benefit.

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